Filling prepared and designed to cover a wide range of packaging designs, from small containers up to 10 liters.

Easy adjustment formatting changes without tools, allowing for easy cleaning construction of the filling system.

All our linear fillers are provided necks trapped system ensuring the correct centering of container and nozzle necks anti-drip type. For handling foamy products integrate progressive die system where the nozzles are rising as the product. This system also incorporates collection tray surplus product possible.

They can be made from 1 to 10 filling nozzles covering a maximum output of 6,000 hours.
Depending on the output you require, the volume of automation required, fill volume and type of product to be handled, we will advise the best filling system.

Our seamers are constructed and designed depending on the type of cap, the desired production and stability of the containers, then deriving a linear system or an alternative rotary system.

Our seamers can come with automatic positioner type plugs theft or pick and place type, with automatic lifting caps providing greater autonomy to the system and minimal supervision.

Also depending on the features of your product, we advise seamer type best suits your features.

Linear-seamers fillers are also constructed in Ex version.


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